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10 Best Metalcore Bands From Indonesia

This is the list of ten best metalcore bands from my country, Indonesia. I made this list depending on my own personal taste of metalcore genre. I do not know how popular they were in Indonesia but I choose them from their music quality. I also include some latest information from each band based on their official networking sites. And these are them.

10. Vision Eyes
Vision Eyes (Herza Nugraha - Vocals, Mael - Guitars, Reza Budi Satria - Guitars, Ardi Triansyah - Bass, Darwin Mulyawan Nasution - Drums) formed in 1999 as a hardcore band in Jakarta, Indonesia. But then they decided to play metalcore music after formed for several years. They have some fantastic songs and great sounds on their music. The best album that they ever made is "Glorious Evolution" in 2010. All the tracks from that album are awesome. In 2012 they will release their new album titled "Insigna". If you are one of As I Lay Dying fans, I recommend you to listen to them. If you want to listen to their music click this link
 9. Last Redemption
This is the next best metalcore band from Bandung, Indonesia. They call their name as Last Redemption (Arind - Vocals, Agy - Guitars, Sandy - Guitars, Adit - Bass, Hasbi - Drums) . They formed in early 2005. They combine some new elements from European and American metal bands, such as In flames, Soilwork, All That Remains, and etc. In my opinion the best song that they ever have is "The Unrest Heart". If you want to know them and listen to their music please click this link   

8. Inwise
Inwise (Izal-Bass, Zujfi-Guitars, Icky-Guitars, Fahmi-Vocals, Gema Drums) is the great choice for you if you are a real metalcore fans. They formed in Bandung, Indonesia on early 2008. This band is my favorite one. They have some unique songs, which combined by some unfamiliar patterns that rarely heard before. For you all one of August Burns Red fans I recommend you this band. They sound pretty similar with ABR. I like all of their tracks, but one of my favorite tracks is "Sense Fails". This is their purevolume official site 

7. Nemesis
This one also come from Bandung, Indonesia. Nemesis (Rangga - Vocal, Sendy - Guitar, Yodi 'jod's' - Guitar, Regha - Bass, Ridwan 'dei' - Drum) formed on 2007 as one of metal bands in Bandung. They came as the extraordinary metal band in 2008 since they won as one of 10 finalists in an Indonesian independent music festival. As the result their song "About Eve" was involved in the compilation and spread all over Indonesia and they become the first metal band that contributed on that compilation album since 2006. If you want to listen to their music you can click this link
 6. Parau
Parau (Ghigox-Vocals, Onche-Bass, Gusde-Guitars, Krisna-Guitars, Kharisma-Drums) is one of the greatest Bali Bands. They formed on early 2002 in Bali, Indonesia. They play metalcore music and combine it with some elements of death metal. "Somatoform" the latest Parau's album got a great attention from all the metalheads of Indonesia. Their songs are very wild. They play in a good speed and power. They also release their new video clip titled "Torture Without Reprieve", I recommend you to watch it later. That video clip is awesome. If you want to know them better and listen to them enter this link
5. Aftercoma
This is another sick metalcore band from Bandung, They called Aftercoma (Wyl-Vocals, Ridho-Guitars/Vocals, Ferry-Guitars, Didik-Bass, Uus-Drums) which formed on early 2008 in Bandung. Their music is original. They bring the fresh sound of metalcore, combine with a good clean vocal and wild lyrics in some of their songs. "Breathless" Their latest album is the best album that I ever heard from a new local band with a good sound quality. One of my favorite track is "Berontak". If you want to know and listen to their music you can enter this link
4. Infamy
Infamy (Ajie-Guitars, Egi-Drums, Andri-Vocals, Monodark-Bass) formed in Bandung 1994. They were one of the pioneers of metal music industry in Bandung. They come again in the early 2010 with their sick album titled "Hatremonial". The materials of their album are incredibly perfect. All the tracks are awesome. If you like the extreme sound of vocal and speed beat of metalcore drumming I recommend you to have that album. If you want to know and listen to them you can enter this link
3. Down For Life
Here we go to the big three. Down For Life (uncompleted research for their member) come from Solo, Indonesia. They are formed on 1999, in Surakarta, Solo, Indonesia. Their latest album "Simponi Babi Neraka " which released in early 2007 were sold for 1000 copies. Their music is quite extreme. Combining their lyrics with extreme beats they will bring your head up and down, banging heavily. Their best track is "Pasukan Babi Neraka", but all over their songs are fantastic. They are preparing for their new album titled "Simponi II : Hymne Perang Akhir Pekan" which will release on 2012. If you want to listen to their songs you can enter this link
2. Beside
Beside (Owank-Vocals, Bebby-Drums, Paneu-Bass, Hinhin-Guitars, Bokir-Guitar) is the next best metalcore band from Indonesia. They formed on 1997, in Bandung, Indonesia. They also one of the pioneers in metal music industry in Bandung. They come with an extreme instrument of guitar and extreme sound of vocal. Their full album "Against Ourselves" got a great attention from all the metalheads in Indonesia. "New Colony" their latest single has a lot of fresh elements of metalcore music. If you want to know and listen to them you can enter this link
1. Burgerkill
This band is the greatest one I think. Burgerkill (Vicky-Vocals, Eben-Guitars, Agung-Guitars, Ramdhan-Bass, Andris-Drums) formed on 1995 in Bandung, Indonesia. Why I choose Burgerkill as nummber one because they have a great music quality, skill, and achievement. They come as a different metal band. I can't compare their similarity with the other bands. Burgerkill's latest album "Venomous" contains with some great and undefinable songs. Their songs is different. They're involving some strange pattern in some of their songs, but that sounds really cool and rude. They're also preparing for their Official footage DVD which will release on early 2012. To listen to them you can click this link

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